The Bamba Gii Festival is a one day celebration of the South West Queensland Indigenous Cultural Trail (SWQICT).

Locals and visitors alike are invited to immerse themselves in our indigenous culture and meet our people, hear our stories and experience our culture.

Tour the trail and see sites of cultural significance, enjoy live entertainment, see indigenous artists in residence, learn traditional skills and shop from our unique indigenous market. 

bamba gii festival

In Honour Of Angie



Angie Walsh was a proud Indigenous woman from the Kamilaroi tribe and founder of the Surat Aboriginal Corporation. Born in 1960, she grew up on the riverbank in the Town Camp up by the Sawmill, 5kms outside the township of Surat.

Angie went to school in Surat with her three sisters and at the age of nine, moved into town with her family. Although she had many fond childhood memories, like many Indigenous people, she faced hardship and adversity throughout her life.

Angie’s life experiences shaped her deep love for family which grew into caring about the Aboriginal community in Surat and in turn, the Indigenous communities throughout South West Queensland.

Her passion and dedication to the preservation and sharing of Indigenous culture was compelling and led to the development of many projects: in particular – The Houses and Humpies Exhibition, the Interpretive Shelter and most recently the South West Qld Indigenous Cultural Trail – all of which were just the beginning of an amazing legacy.

Her dream was to see Aboriginal stories being taught in school and more research conducted into Aboriginal history. She wanted to empower her Aboriginal community and ensure that her culture was not lost, but celebrated and shared.

She was a proud Aboriginal Woman who dedicated her life to preserving and celebrating her culture.

The Bamba Gii Festival is intended to both honour Angie and continue her work in the local community.